Zone 67

  • Christchurch City Canterbury

From $25 per person, you will get the ultimate experience with Airsoft or Combat Archery

Got 6 friends with no idea what to do for party or hanging out
Private Booking available Monday - Sunday 10am to 10pm for your best experience ever

Airosft Public Game day : Tuesday 7pm to 10pm / Thurday 7pm to 10pm / Sunday 10am to 1pm

Airsoft is a competitive team sport in which participants eliminate opponents by shooting each other with spherical plastic pellets launched via replica weapons called airsoft guns.

Airsoft is commonly compared to paintball, which is a recreational shooting sport similar in concept but with some key differences.

Unlike paintballs, airsoft guns are 1 :1 with real firearms.

Great family fun & team building experience through Airsoft Sport!

Archery Tag is a bit of a cross between Paintball and Dodgeball, but you'll use bows and foam-tipped arrows instead of guns, pellets and balls.

This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that is fun for everyone and it's 100% safe.