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Published date: 07/04/2019
Modified date: 24/09/2019

Old video cassettes degrade overtime and digitizing them is a good for prosperity and more easily accessible with current technology.

So dig out those old home video recordings of your holidays, weddings etc and have them saved for prosperity

I offer both a DVD copy or as a MP4 file to give a copy to family and friends. or for easy sharing on anything from Facebook to YouTube




- Hi8 (8mm tape)

- Digital8 (8mm tape)

- Video8 (8mm tape)

- MiniDV

- VideoCD (VCD)


- 3/12" Floppy (digital photos)

I'm charging $20 per tape

for bulk I charge $15 per tape

payment when job is done

happy to do a few at a time, choose which ones you want done first

Work I do:

- Cleaning (mold etc)

- Repairing tape (broken or snapped)

- Capture

- Restoration work

- Editing

- Final video conversion

*** Cassette Tape To USB Stick ****
oral history, family members only, (no music / mix tapes)

$6 per tape

4+ Years Experience!

Well worth it, do it once get it done right!

Positive Customer Reviews!

So please contact me:

leave a message here on TradeMe or email me



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