Published date: 17/11/2019

Purtier Placenta has finally reached NZ!!

Our vision: To spread Purtier Placenta across NZ to help people live healthy, young and energetic. This is a NZ supplement and has been sold over 1,000,000 bottles in 2018 all over Asia and the company having over 8billion dollars of revenue. The Global HQ of the company, "Riway International" is currently located at Singapore. There are 9 other operations office around Asia. Our vision is to spread this product across NZ, help treat, control and slow down harmful cancer, diseases with this supplement that is developing better every few years. We are also looking for an opportunity to open an operations office in NZ as well. We also provide training seminars to train you about this product to sell to anyone, anywhere.

Live therapy has been effective for the following conditions: General loss of vitality, physical and mental exhaustion, convalescence after illness, premature aging, signs of deterioration of the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, and digestive organs, lack of drive and declining mental efficiency, weakness of the immune system, arthritis and other degenerative diseases of the connective tissue, underfunction of the endocrine glands, disturbances of menopause, Parkinsonism, chronic pain, migraine, headaches, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica, atherosclerosis of the brain, heart, and peripheral circulation.

Cell therapy successfully revitalizes and extends youth. Cell therapists see their patients skin tone and complexion improve, their vitality increase, their youthful optimism and energy return, and various other infirmities of aging much improve.

If you are interested about this product visit, purtier.com

We currently have 55 Bottles of stock in NZ.
If anyone want to buy this product or if anyone wants to become leaders and join our team in NZ please contact me.

Feel free to search up my account number.
Official Riway Account number: SG22874557.


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