Published date: 24/09/2019

What is Scentsy? Think incredible smells, gorgeous warmers, diffusers, children’s range, laundry, body and cleaning ranges, just delicious.

Warmers are electric so no wick or flame, our warmers melt and warm releasing fragrance, they do not burn making them safe for family and pets.

These are fabulous in the home, great gifts, lovely in workplaces and my husband even has one in his classroom.

Scentsy have a huge range of warmers ( more than 50) and the come in different ranges - standard which have a cord and mini which plug straight into the wall.
More than 80 scents are available - think Bakery, Spice, Fruity, Citrus, Fresh, Woods and Floral.....but we also have a Disney range!
Beautiful diffusers hand made with glass and
led lighting, used with a large range of natural oils, essential oils and blends.
A children’s range to delight all small and large, beautiful Buddy’s filled with yummy scents.
Laundry ranges that you’ve never thought of, you haven’t lived till your clothes smell of Sea Salt & Avo.
Your house can now be cleaned with many of the exclusive scents of Scentsy, my house uses Coconut Lemongrass Counter Clean and Blue Grotto Bathroom Cleaner.
A body range again consisting of exclusive scents, GoGo Mango handsoap/ creams/ bodywash the range is extensive.
And probably my fav on the go, Car Bars and Scent Paks in many many scents.

How? Host a party, you could earn free and half price products. Home, basket, online, ask and we can sort something out!

~ Love Scent already and want to take it next level?~
Contact me and ask how, ability to earn extra income AND feed your addiction ;) Come join the Scentsy family.

Message me today for a catalog or samples.
Here from you soon, Kyz


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