Sista Trio

Published date: 24/09/2019

Sista Trio are three sisters offering a unique fusion of skills, passion and experience through the inspiring and ancient tools of holistic health, mind/body integration, Yoga, the art of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation.

Retreats are in Auckland and Coromandel and are either a Monthly Reconnect, Day, Weekend or Week Long Retreat.

Bringing you:

* a place to pause, connect and breathe
* a time to nourish and nurture your divinely perfect self
* a place to gently release intentions, to be, to unfold, effortlessly, with peace

There is no doubt we all have the knowledge of how to be healthy - but there seems to be a missing link on why we don’t do it. Sista Trio will help guide you towards action by connecting in with your all knowing divine wisdom.

A passion and mission Sista Trio live by is to provide space for everyBODY to retreat, connect and breathe - simple and do-able! Inspiring connection to self and with each other - claiming boldly that "you are enough", right here right now! Crazy busy lives mean we often let go of connecting with self and others. Retreat away from the 'busy-ness' that is life and come hang with Sista Trio to reconnect.

Come hang with Sista Trio to retreat, connect and breathe!

On any given retreat, you will experience:

* Warm foot soak on arrival infused with essential oils
* Conscious health 'Conversations With Coryn' (our Naturopath sister)
* Gentle restorative, body and mind practices with Jen (our Yoga sister), covering: moving, guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) & simple breath work
* Wholesome healing scrumptious vegetarian lunch with some sweet yummies
* Lots of learning, laughing and sharing
* Pure relaxation

Treat yourself and book a retreat now. No experience needed. As long as you can breathe, we welcome you!


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