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Published date: 17/11/2019

Microchipping AND registration makes a huge difference to the likelihood your missing pet will make it home. The NZCAR is New Zealand's leading repatriation database for microchipped animals.

The NZCAR is now also the exclusive provider of 'PiP' Facial Recognition and Scanner Angel, two more technologies that significantly increase the chances of lost pets getting home.

We are also the provider of a FREE site called, that offers free lost pet mapping, free lost pet posters as well as free notification to Neighbourly users in your area.

Our microchip database is accessible 24/7 by over 850 veterinary clinics, SPCA’s, local authorities, and other animal welfare agencies in New Zealand. If your pet is found and taken to one of these agencies, they can scan it for a microchip, search the NZCAR database and quickly find your details and contact you.

We are the exclusive providers of Scanner Angel in New Zealand, a combined software and smart scanner system designed to quickly identify lost pets.

As at Jan 2018, the NZCAR has over 598,000 animals registered. We also have over 850 organisations are registered to access the NZCAR when a lost pet is found and we have raised over $3.8 million for animal charities and projects in New Zealand.

The NZCAR can record the details of any chipped companion animal, including cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, reptiles, birds, fish – to name a few species.

We are a not for profit, overseen by 6 of the leading animal welfare organisations in New Zealand – NZCAC, SPCA, NZVA, NZKC, NZCF, and NZVACAS.

Does Microchipping Work?
In February 2011, the NZCAR assisted SPCA Canterbury by providing an 0800 lost pet service for all animals that were found following the earthquake. The NZCAR received over 24,000 phone calls and faxes and placed over 800 lost pet notices within a 12 week period. Of the non-chipped pets we managed to get 25% of animals home within 3-5 days. For microchipped animals we managed to get over 85% of them home within 3 hours!


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