Border-Aussie Stud Dog

Published date: 17/11/2019

Nanuq is a Red Merle Border-Aussie (Border Collie x Australian Shepherd).

He will produce all Merle litters.

He is three years old, larger and stockier than a Border Collie. I would love to see his genetics used to improve and create some pretty amazing looking dogs.

He is a real head turner, commented on wherever he goes.

He would be the perfect match if you are wanting to breed Therapy dogs/family pets, Agility dogs or intelligent farm dogs with unique looks.

True to the breed, he is super intelligent. He knows many, many tricks and commands, learns very quickly and just wants to please you.

You couldn't get a better temperament in a dog and he's such a character, completely devoted to his human's, not a mean bone in his body, just loves everybody and every animal. He is active and also a couch potato, very easy to have around. Loves a good run each day but happy to chill at home to.

Any enquiries I would be happy to chat.

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