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He tends to throw either Seal Bi-Colour or Seal Point colouring. Majority of his offspring develop his sapphire blue eyes.
He is in excellent health and always fully vaccinated, up to date with worm and flea treatments. I have included a few pics of his offspring so you can see what to expect from him.
I have specifically chosen to develop my Birdoll breed over the past 7 years because I find they just have that special X factor. I found with starting out as pure ragdoll there was something missing. I loved the Ragdoll flop but I found them a bit too lacking in the personality area. Birmans have a sassy attitude and they are smart cookies with these insanely blue eyes that Dougie’s Mum passed onto him. So I tried the cross and after years of very happy kittens and families I could never go back to just one or the other…once you have a Birdoll, you will never go back!

The logistics of the stud service are simple. Your Queen will be absolutely welcomed into our home and literally loved and treated like a Queen by us humans for a few days while Dougie serves her. Please ensure she is fully up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and has had a recent health check. Please bring along a litter tray if she is quite specific about these matters – she is quite welcome to use the several I have for my own cats and clean twice daily. I use natural clay litter so nothing fancy so if she requires or is used to something special please bring some along. My cats have a healthy varied diet of royal canin Ragdoll breed specific, Royal Canin Hair and Skin and Royal Canin kitten food (while I have kittens) as well as a bit of wet food or fresh meat so again if she has dietary specifics please bring it along.
If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line and if you would like to view more pictures of past and present cats/kittens please google or instagram #breakawaybirdolls or follow me on Instagram @sarahramsay2929 .

Thanks so much for reading,
Sarah :)