D A Benson

Published date: 17/11/2019

Max is a Miniature Poodle with an awesome gentle temperament and gets along with all animals and people.

Max stands at approx. 37 cm - 14 inches, an ideal size for breeding with all miniature dog breeds.
Weighs 7 kg

A very Smart Loyal Loving Dog

Call anytime 021 296 4517 or darrenbenson69@gmail.com
We are in Mangawhai and happy for visitations and Bitches can stay over night to catch correct period when knotting would appear @ $40 per day( normally around tenth day of bitch in heat ) Some dogs have a very short period for successful knotting

Vet Blood Test Secures Success

Stud Fee $800 paid on Day Of Successful Knotting
Or pick of the litter on agreement .

Kennels available for all Miniature Breeds @ $40 per day


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