Paws & Claws retreat

Published date: 17/11/2019

Paws & Claws retreat offers affordable comfortable accommodation for both Cats and Dogs.
Please visit our website for online bookings, enquiries and terms and conditions of our service.

Our booking system is powered by Doggie Dashboard.

BOARDING KENNELS - we have 20 large indoor kennels and 18 large outdoor exercise runs. We cater for the individuals needs and can offer independent exercise runs or group socialisation based on size and temperament of breeds. If dogs are boarding as part of a family group the size of our indoor kennels allows ample room for dogs to be together. We also have a large kennel and run based at the house and when suitable we will run dogs as part of our family unit, where they have the freedom to join us for cuddles in the house. Additional exercise includes walks on our farm depending on the dogs prey drive as we have a number of animals on the property. Our Border Collie Sasha is our kennel manager who greets and shows the dogs the lay of the land. We have two security guards Rocco & Luna who are Maremma Sheepdogs and are renowned for being guardians of their flock.

DOGGY DAYCARE - Please enquire.

CATTERY - we have 18 individual night time cages. Two large communal areas and two independent rooms suited to family units. Our Cattery manager is Pepper a Tortoiseshell exotic.

GROOMING PRODUCTS - We stock groomers goop; degreaser and Shampoo. The degreaser is a great product for removing staining/yellowing from the coat.

GROOMING - We are able to offer limited grooming services - using the renowned Anivac system. Anivac’s patented bathing wands (included with every system) wash the skin of the animal first, push the dirt up and into the vacuum force of the wand, and then wash the animals coat as the solution is being vacuumed up the wand. So instead of cleaning from the top down they clean from the skin up!
At present we do not offer clipping/claw trimming but look to do this in the future.


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