Southern Cross Dog Kennels

Published date: 17/11/2019

Southern Cross Dog Kennels are made to house most breeds of dog.
We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated all products are made in South Canterbury.

Our standard kennels offer over 2.8m2 of room in each bay.
Anti chew surround covering entrance ways.
Part sun/ rain shelter on run exterior.
Constructed with H3 & H4 treated timber, galvanised fixtures and fittings
The 1 and 2 bay kennels are built on skids so it can be relocated with ease by 4x4.
Rear access door

Our kennels are made to last a life time, standing up to NZ weather
Warning these kennes are heavy due to their sturdy construction

Along with this you can upgrade your kennel to the deluxe version which includes: Stop board in front of sleeping area to stop bedding being walked out
Insulated sleeping area (expol)
Fully covered run ( corrugated iron )
Towing eyes
Stainless steel water buckets
Door flap

Any of our kennels can be upgraded to Color Steel roofing iron, in your choice of colour to match existing buildings you have, starting from as little as $39

If you are in need of a custom size, either in situ or delivery pre built. Please inquire for a quote
See pictures for customs builds

Single standard $1249
Single deluxe $1549
Double standard $1399
Double deluxe $1799
Triple standard $1999
Triple deluxe $2699
(Note triple bay dog kennels do not come on skids due to their size but can be put on at buyers request)
Please enquire

Our prices are excluding delivery , please contact for delivery quote.
Please compare our kennels to similar products for sale and note the build quality and value for money, it will be hard to beat!


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