J Q Lanscaping and Property Maintenanc­e.

Published date: 17/11/2019

Here at J Q Landscaping and Property Maintenance we pride ourselves in being a small business that can provide big contractor results for small operator pricing.

Simple, honest, small business with a passion for providing a complete package service to our customers

We can work on steep hills and in narrow spaces, mowing down brush, weeds, even small trees or grinding out monster stumps. Potholes in your farm track or driveway? We have the power and landscape rakes to rip up and smooth just about any surface. Compacted horse arena or patch of grass (big or small)? Our aerator/over-seeder can take care of that. Need to empty and refill yards or stables, shift piles of material or even dig up an old garden bed? We have our little power bucket perfectly set up for the job!

Seems like a lot of gear and equipment doesn’t it? Now imagine all of that awesome gear coming to your property and doing just about any job you can name, but with one operator. No multi quote hassles, no trying to find days that suit multiple contractors, no upselling of subcontractors, this is our point of difference.

The descriptions of the capabilities of this machine do not do it justice and we suggest you take a look at our website www.jqlandscaping.com


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