Home Gym Cable Replacement

Published date: 17/11/2019

Replacement home gym / fitness equipment wire rope cables made to order.

Domestic home gym cables are priced at $50 per cable up to 4 meters in length.
Price includes GST, Cable ends attachments, manufacturing and labour.

Cables over 4 meters $15 per meter.

For all gyms home equipment and commercial gyms.

Multi Gyms home gyms functional trainers single station units.

Various ends to suit. Common designs are eyelet to eyelet, eyelet with ball to eyelet, Eyelet to threaded bolt (for attaching to weight stack).

Standard cable has inner wire diameter of approx 3mm - Commercial diameter is 5mm. All cable used has super strong Nylon coating (We don't use cable that has PVC coating. It is too soft and wears very quickly).

When measuring cables please measure tip to tip (not cable length only) Most machines allow some adjustment in the cable (ie: snap hook or adjustment chain) to allow play of 5cm or thereabouts to make up for slightly longer or shorter cables - applicable especially as new cables can stretch slightly when first used.

If your cable has a BOLT and Plastic or rubber BALL and one end that screws into the weight stack selector rod you will have to POST the whole cable to me so that I can reuse the bolt and ball if this doesn't need replacing.. This is due to the large range of sizes of threaded bolts used on various home use and commercial gyms and the difficulty in trying to match sizes.

I can courier cables all over NZ from $8 - via NZ post satchels

if you can provide a quote from any other company we will better it.

Best to email or text some photos and general specs of the cables or parts required and i will get back to you. Any other questions or queries please ask. Thank you.


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