Maintrac Group

Published date: 07/04/2019
Modified date: 24/09/2019

Maintrac Group Ltd is a New Zealand family owned and operated business.

We specialise in agricultural machinery parts & accessories and effective bird & pest control products for a wide range of pests and industries.

Our products are safe, easy to use, humane, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and ..........they really work!

Machinery Wear Parts:
Disc Blades
PTO Drive shafts and driveline
Silage & Bale Tines
Linkage parts

Bird Control:
Scare birds away with products from our wide range of sound deterrents, visual deterrents and physical deterrents to effectively scare birds from:
- Farm Buildings
- Vineyards
- Crops
- Orchards
- Boats
- Homes
- Gardens
- Airports

Rodent Control:
Don't let rats and mice take over! Rodent repellers and traps to keep your home, warehouse or farm building free from rats and mice.

Animal Traps:
Looking for a cat trap, possum traps or magpie trap? We have quality traps available for successful and humane live capture of a variety of different animals, birds and pests. Capture cats, possums, rabbits, stoats, ferrets, magpies, pigeons and more.

Bark Control:
Prevent nuisance dog barking with our humane bark control products. These have proven to be successful for many years, on a variety of different dogs in many different environments.

We believe in: honesty, integrity, reliability, expert advice, outstanding customer service and 100% satisfaction.

Contact us now for advice and recommendations to suit you and your situation


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