Weedworx 2015 Ltd

Published date: 24/09/2019

Weedworx offer a full range of ATV spraying and are specialists in:
Strip Spraying - Orchards & Vineyards
Gorse & Blackberry control with handguns or knapsacks
Thistles & Broadleaf Weeds in pasture
Onehunga & Broadleaf Weeds - Large Lawns or Sports Fields
Broadacre Spraying
Site Maintenance - yards and workshop areas
Fertiliser Spreading for small blocks

ATV (4x4) Application ensures we can spray in areas that the big guys can't reach! Orchards and vineyards, steep gullies or high spots, we can get them all.

Various targeting weed sprays can be applied simultaneously with fertiliser, making for more efficient (therefore less expensive) application. We spray weeds like buttercup, ragwort, nightshade, dock, carrot weed, penny royal, yarrow, parsley dropwort to name just a few!

Applicators and suppliers of AgriSea seaweed nutrients - increases soil biology, population and diversity, reducing the impact of drought and accelerating the uptake of nutrients.

We have a small, fully trained and certified team. Call or email us for a free no obligation quote.

Matt 027 424 4290


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