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Published date: 19/11/2019

Small and medium sized businesses make up approximately 90% of New Zealand’s economy and it is no secret these businesses contribute to the poorest productivity levels seen in the OECD.

Why? Put simply, small businesses do not have the financial resources of NZX listed multinationals or Government agencies such as the Defence Force who employ highly trained people to;

-Advise senior leaders on the dynamics of human factors
-Drive selection strategies to maximise role effectiveness
-Successfully implement change management systems
-Evolve talent into highly influential leadership
-Lead organisational development strategies
-Develop positive workplace culture

People & culture is a growing area requiring your consideration because it plays such a significant role on an organisational dynamics and ultimately, the company’s profitability. Across New Zealand this is every small business’s owners area of untapped potential which can be continuously improved to achieve optimum returns on your investment.

Robinson & Blake is on a mission to build cohesive, resilient and profitable small businesses across the country. We do this by enabling access to a high quality, yet cost effective service which is generally unattainable due to the significant financial costs involved. Operationally, we gain a deep understanding of your unique issues and then collaborate with you in order to transform areas of weaknesses into strengths.

These services can be incorporated by either off site consultancy or subcontracting placements within your business and depending on your needs, information can be conveyed through written reports, presentations, placements and one to one or group coaching and training activities.

To book a no fee, no obligation consultation contact our Principal Consultant Chris who holds a Master in Organisational & Industrial Psychology and a Bachelor of Commerce among various graduate and non graduate diplomas across the fields of HR and psychology.


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