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Published date: 19/04/2020

The team at NZBOX Ltd takes pride in providing personal service with integrity, delivering the very best in quality certified NEW & Used Containers, whether it is to Buy, Rent to Buy or Hire.

We are a relatively small team but with combined industry experience of over 35+years! NZBox takes pride in supplying the right container at the right price with seamless efficiency and minimal effort on the customers’ part. We want to make your purchase as hassle free as possible. We have a commitment to ensure your container meets your expectations and our service standards exceeds your expectations so that you would happily recommend us in the future. NZBox Sales and Hire offers a large range of both New and Used shipping containers at competitive prices.

Several variations of 10 20 and 40 foot containers to cater for all your needs.

GP General Purpose Doors at one end.
HC High Cube Same as a GP but a foot Higher
DD Double Door - Doors at each end.
OS Open Side - Doors at one end and along one side,

10 foot GP
10 foot GP Duocon
10 foot High Cube Duocon

20 foot GP
20 foot HC
20 foot DD
20 foot HC DD
20 foot OS side opening doors
20' High Cube Open Side Container
20' Four Man Open Side Container

40 foot GP
40 foot GP Double Door
40 foot HC High Cube
40 foot HC Double Door
40' High Cube Open Side Container

20 and 40HC B Grade and Wind and Water Tight containers also available.

It is very important for us to know that our customers are satisfied with their purchase and the service.

We at the team of NZBOX Ltd look forward to providing for you quality containers and competitive prices with excellent service.


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