Published date: 24/09/2019

Used tyres from $45
New tyres from $79
Mag wheels from $545 set
Mag and Tyre Combos from $899 set
Century Batteries From $129.

2 wheel drive wheel alignment $69
4 wheel drive wheel alignment $85

extra discounts apply if tyres or wheels are also purchased

Nitrogen tyre filling (car tyre) $5 each
" (4x4 tyre) $5 each
'' (truck tyre)$10 each
brands like ... Hankook Toyo Yokohama Imperial Rotalla Haida Kenda Suntek Falken Dunlop Goodyear Wanli Kingstar CrossWind Green-max Linglong Sunny Winda Blacklion Jinyu Aoteli Delinte Rapid Sagitar Windforce Westlake Venezia Rotalla Fullway Kinforest Triangle Greemax Nitto Nankang Achilles Bluestreak Federal Michelin BF Goodrich Continental Neuton Triace Fullrun landsail Fulda Boto Pirelli Hifly Maxxis Mazzini Sunwide Superia ECOBLUE Vitora Three-A Evergreen Kumho Goodride
tyre sizes eg
145R10 165/70R12
145/70R12 155/70R12 145/70R12 175/70R13 165/70R13 185/70R13 205/60R13 165R13 215/50R13 205/60R13 175/65R14 185/65R14 185/60R14 195/60R14 195/65R14 185/70R14 195/70R14 . 205/70R14 185R14 195R14 175/70R14 235/60R14 245/60R14 195/50R15 195/55R15 195/45R15 205/50R15 205/55R15 205/60R15 205/65R15 205/70R15 195/60R15 195/65R15 195R15 235/75R15 30x9.5R15 31x10.5R15 32x12.5R15 33x12.5R15 35x12.5R15 37X12.5R15 195/45R16 195/50R16 205/50R16 205/55R16 215/60R16 235/60R16 225/50R16 225/55R16 . 215/70R16 245/70R16 265/70R16 205/60R16 185/35R17 195/40R17
215/40R17 205/40R17 215/45R17 225/45R17 235/45R17 205/50R17 205/45R17 255/40R17 215/55R17 215/50R17 35X12.5R17 225/40R18 235/40R18 285/35R18 265/35R18 215/40R18 225/35R18 225/40R18 245/40R18 265/35R18 215/35R19 245/40R19 235/35R19 245/35R19 225/35R19 215/35R19 225/30R20 235/30R20 245/30R20 35X12.5R20 265/30R20 275/30R20 275/40R20 275/45R20 285/30R20 295/35R21 245/30r22 285/35R22 275/35R22+ many more


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