Published date: 24/09/2019

So your electric vehicle isn't getting the distance it used to, or perhaps stopped altogether.
This is often caused by a battery fault.
I stock the second best cell available (tied with a bunch of others)
Samsung is a market leader in cell/battery manufacture and I utilitise there 35e cell.
This has 3.5ah, most electric vehicles use 2.5ah so if you do get the cells replaced you will end up with more range and potentially more power.
Most ebike batteries would have 17.5 amp hours after cells have been replaced.
Your welcome to keep old cells, otherwise they will get recycled.
However if you're battery suddenly stopped working, this is often caused by a fault in the safety circuits (possibly a loose wire).

$120 circuit replacement
$500 cell replacement ($10 per cell, most ebike batteries have 50 cells, so cheaper if you have a smaller battery)
$80 for a quote (& repair if it's simple)
Quote price is deducted from the overall cost if repaired

My office is in Wellington central
However for an extra $30 I can arrange pickup and return of the battery

Battery repair completed within 5 working days, unless parts are required

All repairs come with an 12 month warranty on anything that goes wrong after repair.

Bring life back to your e-transport

I also sell reliable e-bikes
I used to premote mid drive bikes more powerful, however I have had to repair my mid drive waay to many times. Bikes aren't designed to have so much power going through that rear derailleur. Stretches the chain distorts the cassette and I have broken sooo many rear derailleur now, argh!!! Anyway something to think about, we sell hub drive motors. If you don't want to repair your bike all the time consider this.
I'm just mentioning this as our Zeus website isn't ready so I popped in the e-bike store website.
Also don't get put off by the low pricing, I'm not in charge of the pricing the bikes are worth around $800 more than what we are charging


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