Jagbe Industrial Supplies Ltd

Published date: 07/04/2019
Modified date: 24/09/2019

100% NZ owned and operated

We have a range of 6 models of Flammable Goods Cabinets, and same of Chemical storage cabinets.

All comply with EPA and HSNO regulations.

They are very robust ,

Made from 1.2mm thick steel. treated and powder coated safety yellow inside and out.

The separation shelves are fully adjustable and Galvanised as you can see in the photos.

Double skinned with a 40mm cavity, allowing for a fan assisted airflow to enter the cavity and be directed outside.

Each cabinet has a grounding wire to prevent any static electricity being created.

The vents have spark arresters on the inside to prevent any chance of a spark entering the cabinet.

The doors are self closing with very sturdy closers and 3 way catches .

The door catch is key locked and can have a pad lock attached if the products inside are particularly volatile .

They have all the approved signage.

Our 250L Flamcab. weighs190Kg. very robust, 1825mm High x 1100mm wide and 500mm deep.

Hard to see from a photo but these cabinets tick all the boxes and I can say they are extremely good quality.

They start at 30L capacity right upto 350L

They are delivered fully packaged, there is no installation, just unpack it and fill it with product. You will have to fit the 4 adjustable feet bolts to insure it does not rock.


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