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Published date: 24/09/2019

**SEE OUR OTHER LISTINGS FOR PUMPS FOR SALE!!** Please contact us with your application if you are looking for a pump. We have a wide range available!

Not sure if you want to buy straight away? Hire first then make your decision! Some of the hire you pay can offset the purchase price - Contact us for details!


These pumps can be used as sewer bypass, dewatering, drainage pumps, transfer and a lot more!
Our silenced units are used in built up areas around rest homes, Hospitals and other built up areas where sound levels are restricted.

* Self Priming
* Solids Handling capabilities up to 70mm in diameter!
* Flows up to 23000 litres per minute
* Super silenced pumpsets available
* Skid Base
* Pontoon option
* Wheeled Option
* Vacuum Assisted priming
* Trailer options
* Run Dry and Snore capability
* Sizes Up to 12"


Also available is a range of diaphragm pumps. These sludge pumps are suitable for black/grey water, sludge, slurries, trade and mining wastes. Also can be used for general water transfer!
Being a diaphragm pump means these can pump large solids without damage!

* Self Priming
* Run Dry Capability
* Solids Handling up to 60mm
* Flows up to 500 litres/minute
* Cart options
* Diesel, electric and petrol driven
* 2", 3" and 4"
* Snore Capabilities

All Types of pumps availabe for different applications.

Wellpointing, sewer bypass, transfer, mining, quarrying, and much more!!

CALL US TODAY or email for help on your requirements.
FreeCall: 0800 482 747

Brands: BBA, Varisco, Caffini, Cornell, EIM, Sykes, Selwood, pioneer, towerlight, SPP and more.....go to


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